Purchase a Gift Certificate

Gift Vouchers

This Gift Voucher will be emailed to you, within 24 hours, once the order has been paid for. A traditional hard copy Gift Voucher can be sent to you in the post if you wish. Please request this in the Message Box below and provide delivery address.

Do I receive a Voucher by email or a physical Voucher?

You will automatically receive a Voucher by email, within 24 hours, on completion of your order. You can also receive a traditional physical Voucher by post. Just request this in the Message Box when purchasing your Voucher.

Can you send the Voucher direct to someone else?

Yes you can. If you type the person’s name, address and / or email address in the message box then we can send the Voucher direct to them.

What is the Voucher Code?

All Vouchers have a unique code. This code must be kept safe and used when you are redeeming the Voucher. The code remains valid for as long as there is a balance remaining on the Voucher.

How can the Voucher be redeemed?

The Vouchers can be redeemed either:

  • Online by inserting the unique code in the Gift Certification section that appears when you view your Shopping Cart, or
  • Manually by placing an order either online, by email or phone as normal and giving us the unique Voucher code as a reference.

At what stage in the online process can I use Voucher to pay for an order?

When you have items in your shopping cart then you can view your cart and you will see the Gift Certificate option on screen.

Can the Voucher be used to part pay an order online?

Yes you can. if your order value 75 Euros and your have a voucher for 50 Euros then you enter the code at the appropriate place and you will then continue the checkout process and pay the balance due as normal.

Can use the Voucher for more than one order?

Yes it can be used for multiple order until the value is fully used. Just keep entering the unique code in the appropriate place and it will be accepted until it is fully redeemed.

Do the Vouchers expire?


Can the Vouchers be exchanged for cash?