Activity Set - Magnetic Pattern Blocks

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Magnets keep the child’s pattern block designs in place. 

Teaches spatial reasoning, 2-D shapes, visualisation, symmetry, slides, turns and problem solving. 

Visual and tactile product which helps develop a child’s maths and fine motor skills.

Activity set includes:

·         10 double sided, write and wipe magnetic cards.

·         98 soft foam blocks

·         Answer key

·         Answer cards and answer key measure 7.5” x 6” each.

Suitable for ages 6 years +.

Skill Development:

Maths – Develops an understanding for spatial relationships including symmetry and spatial orientation by flipping and turning the blocks to reproduce the pattern. Following the pattern on a card and choosing the blocks that match the picture, develops problem solving skills and helps students gain an understanding for early part-whole concepts. 

Fine Motor – Creating designs or following a pattern on one of the cards helps students’ hands and eyes get a workout.  As students make selections and move the blocks in place, they are working on motor planning, eye-hand coordination, and refining the manual skills needed for writing, drawing and daily living. 

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