Visual Perception / Spatial Skills

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GeoSafari® Jr BugOpticals™ Colour Mixing Lenses
See the world in a whole new way through these BugOpticals™! Slide open the wings of..
Ex VAT: €12.20
Get A Grip On A Matrix
An exciting new resource that gives plenty of early maths practice. Children, using challeng..
Ex VAT: €27.64
Get A Grip on Patterns
Perfect for early patterning! A unique learning aid designed to develop and strengthen visua..
Ex VAT: €27.64
Giant Single Dome Mirror
Made from scratch resistant acrylic these mirror panels are safe and ideal for any classroom or n..
Ex VAT: €127.64
Giant Stamps- Geometric Shapes
Set of shapes with large chunky handles. Suitable for 3+. ..
Ex VAT: €8.94
Glitter Storm - 14 cm Tall
Large cylinder  containing either gold, silver or blue glitter in clear liquid. Turn it..
Ex VAT: €7.72
Glitter Storm Set of 3 14 cm High
Large cylinders containing gold, silver and blue glitter in clear liquid. Turn them over to ..
Ex VAT: €21.95
Glitter Wand
A magic wand with glitter and colourful liquid 46cm long. A simple turn upside down alert..
Ex VAT: €2.03
GoGetter - Cat & Mouse
Will the cat catch the mouse? Will the mouse eat the cheese? Will the dog find his bone? Help..
€17.50 €13.12
Ex VAT: €10.67
GoGetter - Egyptian Mummy Mystery
Choose 1 of the challenges in the game booklet which range from easy to very difficult and place ..
€17.50 €13.12
Ex VAT: €10.67
Goki 5 Layer Wooden Elephant Puzzle
17.5 x 13.5 cm, 5 layers, 5 pieces Ideal for young children. Specially created fo..
€7.00 €5.25
Ex VAT: €4.27
Graphical Exercise Set # 1
Set of 3  manipulative boards. Improve hand motorics, precision of movements and visual-moto..
Ex VAT: €32.52
Graphical Exercise Set 2
Set of 3 manipulative boards to improve hand control, precision of movement and hand-eye coordina..
Ex VAT: €32.52
Magnetic game with 60 challenges from beginner to expert. Combine information from different clue..
€15.01 €11.25
Ex VAT: €9.15
A Meteorite has landed pre-programmed with games that are truly out of this world!! Taking elec..
€30.00 €14.99
Ex VAT: €12.19
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