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Colours Snap
Helps children to recognise colours and to develop matching skills. Suitable for 3+. A pa..
Ex VAT: €7.32
Connect 4
Encourages logical thinking skills needed to plan ahead. Picking and posting of the pieces is..
Ex VAT: €15.45
Construction Site Puzzle
This extra-thick wooden puzzle includes favorite machines from the construction site: a..
Ex VAT: €11.38
Crystal Block Pattern Cubes
Each block has a dual coloured card placed diagonally inside, which creates unique visual perspec..
€40.00 €30.00
Ex VAT: €24.39
Design & Drill®  BrightWorks™
See your creative designs light up in the dark! Play set encourages constructi..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Digicolor Discovery Maze (Rami)
Digicolor is a fascinating and fun way for children to learn how to combine primary colours to fo..
Ex VAT: €26.02
Dinosaur Discovery
Ages: 5-9 Discover the prehistoric world by looking for creatures and plants as you complete ..
Ex VAT: €10.57
Disco Ball Including Speakers
Plug in and watch with amazement as this beautiful LED Magic Ball Light mesmerizes you and your f..
Ex VAT: €34.96
Discover Geometric Shapes in Everyday Life
The educational content of this material is based on the ASSOCIATION and similarities that exist ..
Ex VAT: €27.64
Dogs and a Cat - 1000 pc Puzzle
Can you find the Cat hidden among the hundred Dogs?  This 1000 piece "One Hundred dogs and a..
€15.00 €11.25
Ex VAT: €9.15
Dolls House Puzzle
Ages: 3-6 Complete the puzzle and talk about all of the things you can see in this colourful ..
Ex VAT: €10.57
Dominoes Colour & Pattern Game
A beautifully designed Pattern and Colour recognition and matching game Size: 6 x 3 x 1cm per..
Ex VAT: €10.57
Doodle Dice
Create a doodle with a few rolls of the Doodle Dice™.  There's a different doodle on each ca..
€12.00 €9.00
Ex VAT: €7.32
Double Handed Tracking Board - Flowers
Guide a wooden pencil along the pattern carved into this sturdy wooden board. Promotes hand-e..
Ex VAT: €17.07
Double Handed Tracking Board - Kites
Guide a wooden pencil along the pattern carved into this sturdy wooden board. Promotes hand-e..
Ex VAT: €17.07
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