Visual Perception / Spatial Skills

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Brainbox - First Colours
BrainBox First Colours is designed to give pre-school children a head start. Each sturdy double..
Ex VAT: €6.50
BrainBox - Teddy Bears
BrainBox Teddy Bears contains 55 beautifully illustrated cards showing different Teddy Bear chara..
Ex VAT: €8.54
Brick by Brick ® Thinkfun
Brick By Brick challenges you to build a symmetrical brick wall by assembling five puzzle pieces ..
Ex VAT: €11.38
Bubble Tube Column - Single User Only - with Wooden Base
LED colour changing bubble column on a wooden base. Watch the rising air-bubbles in the water..
Ex VAT: €252.03
Caterpillar - Stacking Game
This charming, cute, characterful caterpillar wooden toy is the perfect way to teach a toddle..
Ex VAT: €4.47
Caterpillar Colour Matching Game
Wooden Colour Matching Caterpillar Match the Colours with  the Work sheets Along wit..
Ex VAT: €34.15
Cats and a Fish - 1000 pc Puzzle
A 1000 piece puzzle. Find the one fish hidden amongst the 100 cats. ..
€15.00 €11.25
Ex VAT: €9.15
Chickens and a Worm - 1000 pc Puzzle
A 1000 piece puzzle. Find the one worm hidden amongst the 100 chickens. ..
€15.00 €11.25
Ex VAT: €9.15
ColorCards: Find The Link Game
The first ever board game to incorporate the well-known quality of the ColorCards range, Find the..
Ex VAT: €68.00
ColorCards: More Everyday Objects
The everyday objects featured in this set of cards include not only home based items but those th..
Ex VAT: €47.15
ColorCards: Time Sequencing
This beautiful set of cards carefully depicts the passing of time to aid an understanding of orde..
Ex VAT: €48.78
Colour Match
An activity based jigsaw, which encourages children to identify colours by relating them to famil..
Ex VAT: €6.91
Colour Posting Game
Sort the photos by their colour with these self-checking cards.   • Develops colour ..
Ex VAT: €40.65
Colours Snap
Helps children to recognise colours and to develop matching skills. Suitable for 3+. A pa..
Ex VAT: €7.32
Connect 4
Encourages logical thinking skills needed to plan ahead. Picking and posting of the pieces is..
Ex VAT: €15.45
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