Visual Perception / Spatial Skills

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Whirly Windmill - Small
Colourful Small Windmill. Blow gently to see the wheel spin and colours blend. Assorted c..
Ex VAT: €0.89
Who's in the Jungle?
Ages: 3-5 Who’s in the Jungle?  Can you spot all the wild animals? This colourful ju..
Ex VAT: €7.32
Who's on the Farm?
Ages: 3-5 Identify the friendly farmyard animals in this appealing puzzle. Includes a detaile..
Ex VAT: €7.32
Wild Guess
Can your animal fly? Has it four legs? Take turn in asking questions with your opponent as yo..
Ex VAT: €19.51
Wind Spiral Spinner
Hanging Wind Spiral Spinner Colourful reflections - fascinating and calming. Watch the gentle..
Ex VAT: €1.46
Windy Day Giant Wheel
Enjoy even the most rainy & blustery weather with this Windy Day Giant wheel Brightly..
Ex VAT: €4.47
Wooden Puzzle Set of 3 (Alphabet/Shapes/Numbers)
3 Wooden Puzzles in a Carry Bag Alphabet, Numbers and Shapes  A,B,C, 1, 2, 3 , shape..
€15.00 €7.50
Ex VAT: €6.10
Wooden Shape Puzzles - Set of 4
Brightly colored geometric shapes complete the pictures and can also be used for color and shape ..
€15.00 €7.50
Ex VAT: €6.10
Woodland Party
A colourful 70-piece jigsaw, depicting an enchanted woodland with lots of familiar characters and..
Ex VAT: €9.76
Working Vehicles
PSYCHO-PEDAGOGICAL OBJECTIVES A GAME OF ASSOCIATION that allows children to establish relati..
Ex VAT: €16.26
  This quality wooden activity centre has six sides and a crown of gorgeous activities.&..
Ex VAT: €243.90
Zip and the Misty Mountain Game
Zip is a young apprentice on the Misty Mountain tasked with the challenge of racing to the head t..
Ex VAT: €200.00
 Multi Play Box - Set of 5
This Activity Stacker is a multi-learning toy that features five sequential stacking boxes. E..
Ex VAT: €47.97
Light Up Liquid Kaleidoscope
No light is needed as it has its own built in lighting system. Use the liquid coloured chamb..
Ex VAT: €12.20
Look for the Colours
A simple game for working on attention and visual memory skills. Fosters the learning of colours ..
Ex VAT: €21.14
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