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Active World Tray - Black
These versatile tuff spot trays (sold as single units) are simply superb. They store easily, you ..
Ex VAT: €24.39
Bamboo Wind Chime 120 cm
Tones have a healing effect on our bodies, calm our minds and awaken our spirits. The resonan..
Ex VAT: €3.66
Bamboo Wind Chime 80 cm
Tones have a healing effect on our bodies, calm our minds and awaken our spirits. The resona..
Ex VAT: €2.60
Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat
Explore the island and hunt for treasure. Ahoy there! This mat is sure to inspire children's ..
Ex VAT: €23.98
ColorCards: Time Sequencing
This beautiful set of cards carefully depicts the passing of time to aid an understanding of orde..
Ex VAT: €48.78
Disco Ball Including Speakers
Plug in and watch with amazement as this beautiful LED Magic Ball Light mesmerizes you and your f..
Ex VAT: €34.96
Discover Geometric Shapes in Everyday Life
The educational content of this material is based on the ASSOCIATION and similarities that exist ..
Ex VAT: €27.64
Fly's Eye
Now you can really be a fly on the wall with this nifty Fly's Eye Scope. See what the world ..
Ex VAT: €0.81
Folding Table
Low-level and ideal for play. Size: 575 x 402 x 282mm. This light panel  table can ..
Ex VAT: €31.71
Fruit & Vegetable Sorting Set
5 stackable wooden crates filled with 20 wooden fruit and vegetables all colour coded. Use to..
Ex VAT: €56.10
Graphical Exercise Set # 1
Set of 3  manipulative boards. Improve hand motorics, precision of movements and visual-moto..
Ex VAT: €32.52
Kaleidoscope - Large
Kaleidoscopes have an amazing ability to make us see colors and shapes in different ways; they mo..
Ex VAT: €4.80
Magic Wand 2 Colour Twist
Glitter Wands are a eye catching long acrylic tubes displaying a colourful glitter that cascades ..
Ex VAT: €4.47
Memory Match
Ages 4+. Memory Match was designed to help children increase their memory and visual discriminati..
Ex VAT: €13.82
Mirror - 3 Gold Bubbles - Cream Soft Frame
Mirrors can be used to promote self awareness and self image. They can be used to explore exp..
Ex VAT: €80.49
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