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Finger Massager
Finger Massager with 5 individual massage heads/Fingertips with different textures. Easy to s..
Ex VAT: €26.83
LED Body Massager
Vibrating Body Massager with soft coloured lighting. 3 special pads for optimum pressure. ..
Ex VAT: €7.32
Massage - Vibrating Cushtie
Moulding to the body's every contour the secret of Cushtie’s amazing comfort lies in the fact tha..
Ex VAT: €15.45
Mini Massager with 4 Attachments
Mini Portable Massage Vibrator . 4 different massage heads Requires 1 x AA Battery (not i..
Ex VAT: €8.13
Mini Textured Massager
Increase facial muscle tone with this hand-held facial massager. Two additional interchangeab..
Ex VAT: €29.27
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Blue Square
BLUE SQUARE   Perfectly sized for chairs and benches. Your little one will be sitting i..
Ex VAT: €48.78
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Bumpy Turtle
BUMPY TURTLE This pillow is made of soft bumpy material to create more sensations by rubbing th..
Ex VAT: €48.78
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Camo Roll - 3 in 1
CAMO This unique therapeutic pillows vibrates when squeezed.  It also has separate h..
Ex VAT: €70.73
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Flannel
FLANNEL Wrap your arms around our softest flannel retro shirt. By the fireplace, watching a mov..
Ex VAT: €47.15
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Flowers Roll - 3 in 1
FLOWERS Insert the weighted pack into the pillow and enjoy the calming sensations of pressure..
Ex VAT: €70.73
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Furry Cow
FURRY COW This pillow is made of furry material to create more sensations by rubbing the s..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Hooded
HOODED Cuddle up on the couch with our classic fleece vibrating pillow. With pockets to ..
Ex VAT: €47.15
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Orange Circle
ORANGE CIRCLE The orange circle is just right for booster seats, circle time or just sitting..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Plushy Jellyfish
PLUSHY JELLY Who doesn’t love a friendly jelly?The Jelly fish is super soft rose swirl mat..
Ex VAT: €48.78
Senseez Sensory Pillow - Red Octagon
RED OCTAGON The red octagon is perfect for children who like counting sides. Shaped like a..
Ex VAT: €36.59
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