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Aroma Diffuser
Perfect for diffusing essential oils in and Sensory Room or classroom   Discreet..
Ex VAT: €64.23
Aroma Starter Kit
This Kit comes complete with the following eleven oils : Bergamot FCF 10ml, Geranium Egyptian 10m..
Ex VAT: €109.76
Bubble Tube Column - Single User Only - with Wooden Base
LED colour changing bubble column on a wooden base. Watch the rising air-bubbles in the water..
Ex VAT: €252.03
Calmer by Nature (Two) - DVD
Carries you to special wild places, rivers, woods, forests and the sea listening to wildlife on t..
Ex VAT: €22.76
Calmer by Nature - CD
Listen to the sounds of nature from lambs bleating to the morning chorus. ..
Ex VAT: €19.51
Calmer by Nature - DVD
Follows a mountain stream to the sea and along the way encounters wild deer, badgers, nesting woo..
Ex VAT: €22.76
Calmer by the Water - DVD
Be taken in an instant to magical calming places by the water. Let the sights and sounds of babbl..
Ex VAT: €22.76
Chill Out Base Mat
Made from soft touch FR suede on the outside, moisture resistant nylon inner liner and filled wit..
Ex VAT: €174.80
Chill Out Bead mat
Made from FR suede on the outside, moisture resistant nylon inner liner and filled with polystyre..
Ex VAT: €174.80
Chill Out Blanket
Made from FR suede on the outside, moisture resistant nylon inner and filled with 500 clear plast..
€540.00 €405.00
Ex VAT: €329.27
Chill Out Den
For those with limited space our Chill Out Den is the answer.  When assembled it is 130cm x ..
Ex VAT: €504.07
The Cocoon is a perfect calming space for children.  The cocoon is made in two sections whic..
Ex VAT: €333.33
Crazy Shaking Keyring
This lovely toy provides vibration and is suitable for 3+. Colours may vary. Please note that thi..
Ex VAT: €2.85
Fairy Ring CD
One of the best-selling New Age recordings of all time. This flowing calm music, performed o..
Ex VAT: €10.57
This Fidgipod is appropriate for all ages of men, women and children who seek sensory input ..
Ex VAT: €10.57
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