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Cosmic UFO
Cosmic UFOTM brings an out-of-this-world experience that helps kids smoothly transition from..
Ex VAT: €52.85
Crazy Fun Soap Blue
Pliable Foam Soap that can be shaped and bounced for bathtime fun – inject creativity and fun to ..
Ex VAT: €4.80
Crazy Fun Soap Monkey White
Pliable Foam Soap that can be shaped and bounced for bathtime fun – inject creativity and fun to ..
Ex VAT: €4.80
Creating Sensory Play at Little or No Cost
This book explores sensory play using 7 senses including awareness and balance. There are hun..
Ex VAT: €22.00
Crystal Organza Rainbow Pack
Beautiful organza cloth with a sparkly crystal lustre in the seven colours of the rainbow to crea..
Ex VAT: €24.39
Crystal Starball Disco Light
The Crystal Star-ball light provides an amazing light show in any room you choose. Strobe eff..
Ex VAT: €6.50
Cuddles Bear
This plush companion combines sight and touch to help deliver the sleepiest slumber. With just a ..
Ex VAT: €32.52
Cupcake pencil Case - blue
Smencil Buddies are pencil cases attached to a scented silicone character.  Character is..
Ex VAT: €10.57
Dark Den - Large
This versatile giant version of our dark den is able to fit a group of children or accommodate th..
Ex VAT: €154.47
Dark Den - Small
The Dark Den is an affordable den for creative play that is simple to construct and store. Cr..
Ex VAT: €80.49
Deco Fibre Lamp - Blue
Blue LED illuminated base and blue fibre optic light strands create a starry effect. Stands 2..
Ex VAT: €6.50
Design & Drill®  BrightWorks™
See your creative designs light up in the dark! Play set encourages constructi..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Disco 360 Lightshow
 A very  compact (only 13cm) super bright LED lightshow that’s sure to impress with its..
Ex VAT: €17.89
Disco Ball 6" 25W Silver
Rotating Disco ball with multi coloured light effect Certain light levels and colors ca..
Ex VAT: €17.89
Disco Ball Including Speakers
Plug in and watch with amazement as this beautiful LED Magic Ball Light mesmerizes you and your f..
Ex VAT: €34.96
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