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9 Giant Silver  Bubbles Mirror - Unframed - BACK IN STOCK END JANUARY
Mirrors can be used to promote self awareness and self image. They can be used to explore express..
Ex VAT: €142.28
Aroma Diffuser
Perfect for diffusing essential oils in and Sensory Room or classroom   Discreet..
Ex VAT: €64.23
Bamboo Wind Chime 120 cm
Tones have a healing effect on our bodies, calm our minds and awaken our spirits. The resonan..
Ex VAT: €3.66
Bath Gem
Floating light projector for the bath. Press the button on top of the gem to switch on the bright..
Ex VAT: €11.38
Bubble Tube - 130 cm - Colour Changing - with Fish
LED colour changing Acrylic Bubble Tube with a set of plastic swimming fishes. Bubble tu..
Ex VAT: €64.23
Bubble Tube Column - Single User Only - with Wooden Base
LED colour changing bubble column on a wooden base. Watch the rising air-bubbles in the water..
Ex VAT: €252.03
Calming LED Light Spreader
Watch the colour of the light gradually change, creating a calming and relaxing effect. Ideal for..
Ex VAT: €691.06
Dark Den - Large
This versatile giant version of our dark den is able to fit a group of children or accommodate th..
Ex VAT: €154.47
Dark Den - Small
The Dark Den is an affordable den for creative play that is simple to construct and store. Cr..
Ex VAT: €85.37
Deco Fibre Lamp - Blue
Blue LED illuminated base and blue fibre optic light strands create a starry effect. Stands 2..
Ex VAT: €6.50
Disinfection Fluid for Bubble Tubes
Based upon the proven BCB Tablets this fluid product features the following: Pr..
Ex VAT: €44.72
Effects Wheel - 0.5 rpm Rotator
The 1/2 rpm  Solar 6 inch Wheel Rotator ( Non-Magnetic)  fits into any Solar or Sensory..
Ex VAT: €70.73
Effects Wheel - Wheel Safe
Optikinetics Solar Wheel Safes are enclosed versions of Optikinetics Solar 6 inch Effect Wheel Ro..
Ex VAT: €97.56
Effects Wheel for Solar  LED Projector - Liquid Organic - Non Magnetic
Optikinetics Organic 6 inch Effect Wheels are individually hand painted and  treated with a ..
Ex VAT: €85.37
Effects Wheel for Solar 250 Projector - Planets - Non magnetic
Non magnetic Effect Wheel for The Solar 250 Projector If you wish to use this Non MagneticWhe..
Ex VAT: €52.85
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