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Jingle Ball - 55 cm
This is a transparent ball with four metal balls that emit different sounds when the ball is in m..
Ex VAT: €22.60
Latches Board
Undo a lock or latch, swing open the numbered doors and count on finding fun when the picture ben..
Ex VAT: €23.58
Lightning Sheet - Foil Blanket
This tactile sheet emits a unique sound when used.  Foil Space Blanket  appr 204&nb..
Ex VAT: €1.79
Mat - Black & White
Babies are stimulated by the strong contrast of black and white and this playmat will entertain t..
Ex VAT: €71.54
Mirror Cube - Black and White
An educational black, white and red cube with four plexiglas mirrors in various geometrical shape..
Ex VAT: €89.43
Orange Bell Ball
The jingling of the 3 sleigh bells inside can be clearly heard through its six ports throughout t..
Ex VAT: €21.14
Play Softly Cubes - Black & White
These 12 black and white 12cm foam cubes are covered in a tactile, soft anti-bacterial fabric, wh..
Ex VAT: €89.43
Playring Mirror Trail - Black & White
Different mirrors at different heights, for youngsters to climb and crawl on. Each piece link..
€345.00 €258.76
Ex VAT: €210.37
Playsoft Mirror Triangles - Black & White
The mirrors sewn into the Bacl & White Mirror Triangles are of lightweight, im..
Ex VAT: €186.99
Rainbow  Wind Chime/Sun Catcher  80 cm
Tones have a healing effect on our bodies, calm our minds and awaken our spirits. The resonan..
Ex VAT: €4.07
Reading Ruler - Coloured Reading  Overlays - Duo Window - pack of 10
This is an improved version of our previous Coloured Reading Overlay. The Duo Windows Re..
Ex VAT: €13.01
Ruff's House Teaching Tactile Set
Help the fuzzy dog sort through all the textured rubber and cloth bones he hid in his doghouse. ..
Ex VAT: €32.52
SAD Therapy Light
Designed for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), this lamp will bring a little li..
Ex VAT: €130.08
Sensation Bell Ball
This inflatable ball has a smooth surface and three small bells inside which give auditory feedba..
Ex VAT: €7.72
Sensory Mat Set Black & White
Portable set of  8 square and 4 triangular Black & White mats, ideal for sensory explora..
€500.00 €375.00
Ex VAT: €304.88
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