Sensory Mat Set Black & White

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Portable set of  8 square and 4 triangular Black & White mats, ideal for sensory exploration, language development and fun. Use the 4cm deep square pads (each 40cm x 40cm) to make a track, or circle the centre mat. 

 A Playring can fit into the centre mat (sold separately)

 Comprises: 1 x storage bag: 1 x flat centre mat: 4 x ½ triangle mats: 8 x Picture Mats 4 with detachable pieces: 2 x “Talking Tins” (record and playback): approx. 2.8m velcro to use as joining strips to suit (max. needed for set in a circle =19 x 15mm lengths) 
 Non toxic waterproof “eco-Play” coated fabrics both PVC and non-PVC grade have life-long “anti-bacterial” protection.
 Sewn seams are not 100% waterproof but are shower resistant for use temporary use outdoors; Fillings/foams are UK made, CFC free and are fire retardant . The flexible  plastic mirrors are shatter and impact resistant .
Wipe clean with non-abrasive household polishes or cleaners or dilute bleach solutions. All surfaces must be completely dried before use. Do not use abrasive creams or ammonia based cleaners (these will seriously damage mirrors). 


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