Interactive Super Switch (103121)

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Southpaw switches are wireless and can be connected to any Interactive product. Connection to the Super Switch, with its 8 modes of operation, is quick and easy. Just the touch of a button on the Super Switch and you’re connected. With a range of 30', these switches have the capability to change the color of an unlimited number of interactive products simultaneously. Both the Super Switch and the Interactive Power Cube can be used to connect to any Interactive piece of MSE Equipment made by Southpaw in the same room.
The Super Switch can be used to develop specific switching skills across 8 modes of operation or operate as simply as a colour changer. Modes of operation include: Relaxation, Latched, Toggle, Momentary, Racing Game, Timed Off and the Just Right Challenge, which requires customizable response times, good hand-eye coordination and memory skills — promoted through an interactive game of matching colour patterns and moving through different levels of skill.
Make every Interactive product sound sensitive as the Super Switch has a built-in microphone that picks up voices and music to make any product connected to the switch respond with colour. A 9-volt battery is included to power the switch.

Southpaw Product Code 103121.

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