Interactive Power Cubes - 11'' (103120)

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Product Code: SPW297
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Our Power Cubes are wireless and connection to any Interactive product is quick and easy. A simple turn of the Power Cube and you’re connected. The Interactive product turns whatever color is facing upward when the soft, multi-colored cube is turned. The Power Cube will help teach cause and effect, colour recognition and communication skills. With a range of 30 feet, these switches have the capability to change the color of an unlimited number of interactive products simultaneously. Both the Interactive Super Switch and the Power Cube can be used to connect to any Interactive piece of MSE Equipment made by Southpaw in the same room. A 9-volt battery is included to power the cube. Choose between the 11" or 8" options.

Please note that the photo includes the 11''  and 8''  versions. This is the 11'' version.

Dimensions: 11"L x 11"W x 11"D 
Southpaw Product Code 103120


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