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Thinking Toys has direct access to the Southpaw Enterprises range of product. The prices we quote include Shipping, Duties and VAT where relevant. When comparing prices please be conscious that shipping from the US and UK can be up to 60% and 25% respectively of the cost.

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Southpaw - Safety Snap (0100)
Southpaw code 0100. Southpaw Safety Snaps provide a quick and secure way to connect any two p..
Ex VAT: €19.51
Southpaw - Scooter Board X-Large (150110)
Southpaw Code: 150110 The Scooter Board XL provides greater support for longer bodies and com..
Ex VAT: €325.20
Southpaw - Seal Air Mat (1326)
Use your imagination to create a variety of activities that are therapeutic and enjoyable with th..
Ex VAT: €142.28
Southpaw - Sensory Shaker (1395)
Southpaw Code: 1395 Your clients will have a ball in our Sensory Shaker. It is an oversized b..
Ex VAT: €203.25
Southpaw - Single Rung Climbing Ladder (1255)
Southpaw code 1255. Clients can have fun while working on motor planning skills. Our ladder o..
Ex VAT: €239.84
Southpaw - Sling Seat (1625)
Southpaw Code; 1625 Southpaw’s Sling Seat is designed to be used with the standard Dual Swing..
Ex VAT: €107.32
Southpaw - Sling Swing - Adult (0134)
Southpaw code 0134. Southpaw's Sling Swing, a single-point suspended hammock, provides full a..
Ex VAT: €288.62
Southpaw - Sling Swing Child (0133)
Southpaw code 0133. Southpaw's Sling Swing, a single-point suspended hammock, provides full a..
Ex VAT: €230.08
Southpaw - Snuggle Swing (120005)
A different twist on the popular Cuddle Swing…like the Cuddle Swing, the Snuggle Swing is made of..
Ex VAT: €280.49
Southpaw - Soft Lite Barrel (1060)
Southpaw code 1060. Provide a quiet space, vestibular input, and heavy work with our soft foa..
Ex VAT: €792.68
Southpaw - Soft-Lite Floor Roll (1061)
Southpaw Code: 1061 The Soft-Lite Floor roll is large and sturdy enough for clients of all ag..
Ex VAT: €305.69
Southpaw - Spreader Bar for Therapy Net (0137)
Southpaw Code: 137. For use with southpaw therapy net. ..
Ex VAT: €41.46
Southpaw - Standard Bi-Lateral Bolster Swing (1070)
Southpaw code 1070 Help improve bilateral integration while getting the benefits of postural ..
Ex VAT: €804.88
Southpaw - Standard Bolster Swing (1000)
Southpaw code 1000. If a therapist has to select just one piece of hanging equipment, the Sou..
Ex VAT: €743.90
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