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Thinking Toys has direct access to the Southpaw Enterprises range of product. The prices we quote include Shipping, Duties and VAT where relevant. When comparing prices please be conscious that shipping from the US and UK can be up to 60% and 25% respectively of the cost.

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Southpaw - Itinerant Platform Swing (7260)
Southpaw Code:7260 The travelling therapist now has more options with our Itinerant Platform ..
Ex VAT: €516.26
Southpaw - Itinerant Support Frame (7250)
Southpaw code 7250.   Using the lightest, strongest material available, our Itineran..
Ex VAT: €1,178.86
Southpaw - Large 3-in-1 Barrel Swing (120145)
Southpaw code 120145. The 3-In-1 Barrel Swing is designed to be suspended from either a singl..
Ex VAT: €959.35
Southpaw - Large Flexion Disc Board (1914)
Southpaw Code: 1914 Accommodate a wide range of clients by adding the Large Flexion board to ..
Ex VAT: €154.47
Southpaw - Large Scooter Board Ramp (150065)
Southpaw Code: 150065 Increase the challenge and vestibular input of a favourite therapeutic ..
Ex VAT: €821.14
Southpaw - Leaning Chair Small (156424)
Southpaw Code: 156424 This is the chair for all your clients or students who love to rock bac..
Ex VAT: €317.07
Southpaw - Linear Glider - Adult (1852)
Southpaw code 1852. Southpaw's Linear Gliders are another therapist-proven piece of equipment..
Ex VAT: €609.76
Southpaw - Loopy Island (303809)
Southpaw Code: 303809 This stand-alone ball game is lots of fun for your clients to play whil..
Ex VAT: €463.42
Southpaw - Mini Glider Bolster (1007)
Southpaw Code: 1007 A smaller version of the Standard Glider Bolster. Measures 4 feet in leng..
Ex VAT: €786.99
Southpaw - Mini Rocker Board (150015)
Southpaw Code:150015 Our new mini rocker board is great for the itinerant therapist. This com..
Ex VAT: €227.64
Southpaw - Modified Platform Swing (1805)
Southpaw code 1805 ..
Ex VAT: €451.22
Southpaw - Moon Swing (0140)
Southpaw code 0140. The Moon Swing is a great way for addressing bilateral coordination, stre..
Ex VAT: €439.02
Southpaw - Platform Swing & Infant Adaptation Kit (1810)
Southpaw Code:1810 This set includes a Southpaw Platform Swing and Infant Adaptation Kit. Sou..
Ex VAT: €731.71
Southpaw - Platform Swing (1800)
Southpaw code 1800.    The Platform Swing offers the therapist the ability to c..
Ex VAT: €404.88
Southpaw - Pony Bilateral Bolster - Body only (1076)
Southpaw Code:1076 Please note with this part number  the body only is supplied. The Pon..
Ex VAT: €467.48
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