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Thinking Toys has direct access to the Southpaw Enterprises range of product. The prices we quote include Shipping, Duties and VAT where relevant. When comparing prices please be conscious that shipping from the US and UK can be up to 60% and 25% respectively of the cost.

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Southpaw - Flying Purple Eater (120090)
Southpaw Code:120090 This versatile swing is great for any child who loves small places. Afte..
Ex VAT: €597.56
Southpaw - Flying Trapeze (1960)
Southpaw Code: 1960 Therapists are always looking for new ways to enhance motor skills using ..
Ex VAT: €2,012.20
Southpaw - Frog Swing (1925)
Southpaw code 1925. While in the Frog Swing, a young client leaps and bounces on his/her hand..
Ex VAT: €386.18
Southpaw - Giddie-Up Glider (120010)
Southpaw Code: 120010 Not only is this swing fun, but it's good for kids. The Giddie-Up Glide..
Ex VAT: €524.39
Southpaw - Glider Bolster (1006)
Southpaw Code: 1006 The Glider Bolster's larger platform allows it to accommodate larger, or ..
Ex VAT: €1,048.78
Southpaw - Glider Pull Handles (1855)
Southpaw Code: 1855 These are the same Pull Handles included with the Linear Glider, but they..
Ex VAT: €77.24
Southpaw - Half Round Bolster Swing (1090)
Southpaw Code: 1090 This new Half Round Swinging Bolster brings an additional balance challen..
Ex VAT: €347.97
Southpaw - Heavy Duty Rotational Device (112000)
Southpaw code 112000. A rotational device is one of the single most important pieces of hardw..
Ex VAT: €100.00
Southpaw - Heavy Duty Tube Only (0180)
Please note only the tube is supplied under this part number. This is the replacement tube for th..
Ex VAT: €71.55
Southpaw - Height Adjuster with Safety Snap (5000)
Southpaw code 5000.  It can be used confidently to suspend lightweight equipment . ..
Ex VAT: €154.47
Southpaw - Home Therapy System Trapeze Bar (126010)
Children will have fun swinging while strengthening their flexion development. The bar pushes up ..
Ex VAT: €109.76
Southpaw - I Beam or H Beam Installation Kit (7000-I)
Southpaw code 7000-I. Steel I beams or H beams are common support structures in buildings tha..
Ex VAT: €19.51
Southpaw - Infant Adaptation Kit Only (1820)
Southpaw Code: 1820 Southpaw's Infant Adaptation Kit is a great addition to the Platform Swin..
Ex VAT: €459.35
Southpaw - Inflatable Barrel Kit Large (1330)
Southpaw Code: 1330 This kit provides a convenient way of putting inner tubes together to mak..
Ex VAT: €605.69
Southpaw - Interaction Dual Swing (1630)
Southpaw Code: 1630 The Southpaw Interaction Dual Swing encourages interaction as it provides..
Ex VAT: €139.84
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