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Thinking Toys has direct access to the Southpaw Enterprises range of product. The prices we quote include Shipping, Duties and VAT where relevant. When comparing prices please be conscious that shipping from the US and UK can be up to 60% and 25% respectively of the cost.

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Southpaw - Deluxe Flexion Disc Including Vertical Stimulation Device (1910)
Southpaw Code: 1910 Southpaw Deluxe Flexion Disc includes a Vertical Stimulation Device. Sout..
Ex VAT: €821.14
Southpaw - Deluxe Flexion T Bar Swing with VSD (1920)
Southpaw Code:1920 The Deluxe Flexion T Bar includes a Vertical Stimulation Device (VSD). ..
Ex VAT: €747.97
Southpaw - Disc Swing (1172)
Southpaw Code: 1172 This versatile and popular disc swing has now been improved. A more comfo..
Ex VAT: €67.48
Southpaw - Dolphin Air Mat (1324)
Use your imagination to create a variety of activities that are therapeutic and enjoyable with So..
Ex VAT: €121.95
Southpaw - Donut (120140)
Southpaw Code: 120140 Our new Donut has been designed to fit around the bottom of the vertica..
Ex VAT: €186.99
Southpaw - Double Trapeze Bar (4003)
Southpaw code 4003 The Double Bar enables your client or child to swing into success. Ch..
Ex VAT: €175.61
Southpaw - Dual Swing (1600)
Southpaw Code: 1600 The Standard Dual Swing remains high on the list of Southpaw's popular th..
Ex VAT: €119.51
Southpaw - Eyebolt Wrap (7001)
Southpaw Code: 7001 It is now easier for therapists to position therapeutic equipment while u..
Ex VAT: €113.82
Southpaw - Featherweight Bucket Swing (420115)
Southpaw Code: 420115 Our new Featherweight Bucket Swing (TM) performs just like our original..
Ex VAT: €873.98
Southpaw - Featherweight Platform Swing (420110)
Southpaw Code: 420110 Our new Featherweight Platform Swing (TM) performs just like the origin..
Ex VAT: €792.68
Southpaw - Flannel Weighted Shawl (240055)
This quilted, microwaveable body shawl sports a flannel material with a more mature pattern for a..
Ex VAT: €65.85
Southpaw - Flexion Disc (1909)
Southpaw code 1909. Southpaw's Flexion Disc provides both vestibular and proprioceptive stimu..
Ex VAT: €524.39
Southpaw - Flexion T Bar Swing (1919)
Southpaw Code: 1919 Here’s a great way to address balance and bilateral strength, and also pr..
Ex VAT: €524.39
Southpaw - Flexion/Extension Pulley (1901)
Southpaw Code: 1901 Southpaw’s Flexion/Extension Pulley System allows bilateral hand use whil..
Ex VAT: €94.31
Southpaw - Floor Bubble (Depth 6 inches) (1939)
Southpaw Code:1939 The design of these bubbles naturally suggests that the client play by usi..
Ex VAT: €273.98
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