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Thinking Toys has direct access to the Southpaw Enterprises range of product. The prices we quote include Shipping, Duties and VAT where relevant. When comparing prices please be conscious that shipping from the US and UK can be up to 60% and 25% respectively of the cost.

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Mini Cloud Nine - Complete (1450)
This smaller version of our Giant Cloud Nine offers the same comfortable resting place for your c..
Ex VAT: €626.02
Mini Cloud Nine - Inner Liner (1452)
Southpaw Product Code 1452 ..
Ex VAT: €260.16
Mini Cloud Nine - Outer Cover (1451)
Southpaw Product Code 1451 ..
Ex VAT: €223.58
Padded Cover for Teeter or Curvy Swing (120085)
Padded Cover that fits both the Teeter Swing and Curvy Swing. Southpaw Product..
Ex VAT: €64.23
Playhouse (4400)
The Playhouse walls are constructed of durable foam, and the top is made of sturdy birch plywood,..
Ex VAT: €1,869.92
Playhouse - Connector (4401)
Southpaw Product Code 4401. ..
Ex VAT: €65.85
Playhouse - Slide (4420)
This slide fits to the Playhouse SPW276 with hook-and-loop fastener. Southpaw Product Code 44..
Ex VAT: €689.99
Projector Curtain (103400)
This sheer curtain provides a backdrop that’s perfect for use with the Solar Projector to capture..
Ex VAT: €178.86
Scooter Board & Backrest (1953)
Therapists asked us for a positioning device to aid gravitationally insecure clients and lower fu..
Ex VAT: €678.86
Southpaw - 2" x 6" Wooden Beam Installation kit (7013)
Southpaw code: 7013 We've redesigned the rod end in this kit to prolong the life of the suspe..
Ex VAT: €126.02
Southpaw - 2-IN-1 Frog Swing (121920)
Southpaw Code: 121920 Two great swings in one. This awesome Frog Swing comes with a Trapeze..
Ex VAT: €430.89
Southpaw - Acrobat Swing Rainbow (120077)
Southpaw code 120077. Southpaw's Acrobat Swing allows your clients to star in their own circu..
Ex VAT: €650.41
Southpaw - Adjustable Scooter Board -  Back Rest Not Included (1950)
No developmental therapy program is complete without a scooter board. This scootor board rota..
Ex VAT: €463.42
Southpaw - Advantage Line 2-in-1 Bolster Swing & Trapeze Bar (120060)
Southpaw code 120060. Enjoy two popular pieces of suspended equipment in one swing for one af..
Ex VAT: €487.81
Southpaw - Advantage Line Bolster Swing (120050)
Southpaw code 120050. One of the first choices of therapists, a bolster swing can be used in ..
Ex VAT: €439.02
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