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Padded Cover for Teeter or Curvy Swing (120085)
Padded Cover that fits both the Teeter Swing and Curvy Swing. Southpaw Product..
Ex VAT: €64.23
Southpaw - 2-IN-1 Frog Swing (121920)
Southpaw Code: 121920 Two great swings in one. This awesome Frog Swing comes with a Trapeze..
Ex VAT: €430.89
Southpaw - Acrobat Swing Rainbow (120077)
Southpaw code 120077. Southpaw's Acrobat Swing allows your clients to star in their own circu..
Ex VAT: €711.38
Southpaw - Advantage Line 2-in-1 Bolster Swing & Trapeze Bar (120060)
Southpaw code 120060. Enjoy two popular pieces of suspended equipment in one swing for one af..
Ex VAT: €487.81
Southpaw - Advantage Line Bolster Swing (120050)
Southpaw code 120050. One of the first choices of therapists, a bolster swing can be used in ..
Ex VAT: €439.02
Southpaw - Advantage line Infant Adaptation Kit (121820)
Southpaw Code: 121820 The Infant Adaptation Kit creates a soft, enclosed space on our Platfor..
Ex VAT: €247.97
Southpaw - Advantage Line Moon Swing (0143)
Southpaw Code: 143 The Advantage Line Moon Swing offers all the same benefits of the original..
Ex VAT: €300.81
Southpaw - Advantage Line Padded Glider (120080)
Southpaw Code: 120080 A new addition to our popular Advantage Line. With a working load of 20..
Ex VAT: €512.20
Southpaw - Advantage Line Platform Swing & Infant Adaptation Kit (421820)
Southpaw Code: 421820 The Advantage Line Platform Swing with the Infant Adaptation Kit togeth..
Ex VAT: €483.74
Southpaw - Advantage Line Platform Swing (120040)
Southpaw code 120040. Now it's easy to add a staple piece of suspended equipment to any envir..
Ex VAT: €304.88
Southpaw - Awesome Hammock (220020)
This cosy hammock provides a comfortable relaxation space for your clients, small and large. Chil..
Ex VAT: €321.14
Southpaw - Barrel Swing Small (120140)
Southpaw Code: 120140 The 3-In-1 Barrel Swing is designed to be suspended from either a singl..
Ex VAT: €861.79
Southpaw - Bi Orbital Accelerator (1700)
Southpaw Code: 1700 Three ranges of movement, vertical, rotational, and orbital, provide all ..
Ex VAT: €711.38
Southpaw - Bilateral Accessory (1010)
Southpaw Code: 1010 The Bilateral Accessory works great with Southpaw’s Bolster Swings and Gl..
Ex VAT: €135.77
Southpaw - Buddy Boat (120100)
Southpaw code 120100   Take a therapeutic ride in our Buddy Boat. This swing has so ..
Ex VAT: €699.19
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