Southpaw Stand Alone Custom Frames

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Southpaw - Custom Expansion Beam (7005)
Southpaw Code: 7005 You'll be amazed! You can now use a Flying Trapeze in an 8 foot wide room..
Ex VAT: €544.72
Southpaw - Eyebolt Wrap (7001)
Southpaw Code: 7001 It is now easier for therapists to position therapeutic equipment while u..
Ex VAT: €113.82
Southpaw - Itinerant Platform Swing (7260)
Southpaw Code:7260 The travelling therapist now has more options with our Itinerant Platform ..
Ex VAT: €516.26
Southpaw - Itinerant Support Frame (7250)
Southpaw code 7250.   Using the lightest, strongest material available, our Itineran..
Ex VAT: €1,178.86
Southpaw - Replacement Eyebolt Package (7015)
Southpaw Code: 7015 A 6-inch forged eye bolt (with nut and washer) that's designed to be moun..
Ex VAT: €27.64
Southpaw - Swivel Eyebolt Wrap (7002)
Southpaw Code: 7002 The Swivel Eyebolt Wrap includes a built-in Safety Rotational Device. Eac..
Ex VAT: €158.54
Southpaw - Upright Eyebolt Kit (7008)
Southpaw Code: 7008 This product can only be purchased when purchasing a Custom Support Struc..
Ex VAT: €83.74
Southpaw C-Stand Including Bump & Base Mats (7100)
Southpaw code 7100. Improved in almost every way! Easier to assemble Longer las..
Ex VAT: €3,252.03
Southpaw C-Stand Linear Motion Bar (7101)
Southpaw code 7101 With new Linear Motion Bar (optional, shown attached to the top of the C-S..
Ex VAT: €365.85
Southpaw Custom Support Structure (10ft H x 12ft L x 8ft W) (7000)
Southpaw code 7000. Photo Shows 2 x Expansion Beams (7005) which are not included and must b..
Ex VAT: €3,252.03
Southpaw Home Therapy System - Additional Brackets (116010)
Want to use the Home Therapy system in more than one location? Just purchase additional..
Ex VAT: €107.32
Southpaw Home Therapy System - Doorway Support (116010)
Designed for doorways between 28.75"W and 36"W only. Support brackets screw into the door fra..
Ex VAT: €295.12
Southpaw Itinerant Frame - Carry Case Only (7251)
Southpaw Product Code 7251 ..
Ex VAT: €100.00
Southpaw Itinerant Therapist Kit 2 (7280)
A kit for the travelling therapist which is compatible with the Itinerant Support Frame. Cont..
Ex VAT: €1,097.56
Southpaw Mantis Portable Suspension Frame only (7600)
Southpaw code 7600. This new portable frame was designed along with the University Of Dayton ..
Ex VAT: €4,808.94
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