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Jump & Play Island (4500)
Children will love this addition to your therapy setting. Fun, fun, fun is what they’ll have when..
Ex VAT: €1,178.86
Southpaw - Advantage line Infant Adaptation Kit (121820)
Southpaw Code: 121820 The Infant Adaptation Kit creates a soft, enclosed space on our Platfor..
Ex VAT: €247.97
Southpaw - Balance Harness (1510)
Southpaw Code: 1510 The Balance Harness cradles the upper body in a bio-mechanically aligned ..
Ex VAT: €75.61
Southpaw - Bounce Disc 36" Large (151151)
Southpaw Code: 151151  A clever alternative to a trampoline with added stability. The ba..
Ex VAT: €495.94
Southpaw - Bounce Pad (1120)
Use the triangular bounce pad as clever alternative to a trampoline to provide your client with o..
Ex VAT: €313.01
Southpaw - Donut (120140)
Southpaw Code: 120140 Our new Donut has been designed to fit around the bottom of the vertica..
Ex VAT: €186.99
Southpaw - Flexion/Extension Pulley (1901)
Southpaw Code: 1901 Southpaw’s Flexion/Extension Pulley System allows bilateral hand use whil..
Ex VAT: €94.31
Southpaw - Floor Bubble (Depth 6 inches) (1939)
Southpaw Code:1939 The design of these bubbles naturally suggests that the client play by usi..
Ex VAT: €273.98
Southpaw - Glider Pull Handles (1855)
Southpaw Code: 1855 These are the same Pull Handles included with the Linear Glider, but they..
Ex VAT: €77.24
Southpaw - Inflatable Barrel Kit Large (1330)
Southpaw Code: 1330 This kit provides a convenient way of putting inner tubes together to mak..
Ex VAT: €605.69
Southpaw - Loopy Island (303809)
Southpaw Code: 303809 This stand-alone ball game is lots of fun for your clients to play whil..
Ex VAT: €463.42
Southpaw - Mini Rocker Board (150015)
Southpaw Code:150015 Our new mini rocker board is great for the itinerant therapist. This com..
Ex VAT: €227.64
Southpaw - Resistance Tunnel (10 ft) (3972)
Southpaw code 3972 Challenge your clients with heavy work while developing body awareness and..
Ex VAT: €234.15
Southpaw - Resistance Tunnel - 15 ft (3970)
Southpaw code 3970 Challenge your clients with heavy work while developing body awareness and..
Ex VAT: €276.42
Southpaw - Rocker Board Large (150020)
Southpaw Code: 150020) This product is ideal for balance activities while standing, kneeling,..
Ex VAT: €467.48
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