Addicted: Drinking & Drugs Discussion Cards

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Create an awareness of the danger of drug & alcohol abuse, get young people thinking about the consequences of the choices they make

Alcohol seems to be everywhere - in restaurants, sporting events and just about anywhere people are gathered, but unfortunately for some, it causes a lot of problems and illnesses in their lives and families. This resource was written by Di Brokenshire, who as a child, experienced first hand the effects addiction can have on a family.
Covers: Drugs Smoking Alcohol

  1. Discuss ways to say NO!
  2. Create an awareness that alcohol can change the way people think, feel and act
  3. The effects of addiction on peoples lives
  4. Discuss the consequences of the choices young people might make
  5. Create an understanding of why people might drink/take drugs
  6. What to do if you are effected by someone else's addiction
  7. Illnesses related to smoking

Suitable from Age 10+

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