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Emotions Fishing
Magnetic Emotions Fishing Game which can be used in a water tray or on a table.   • ..
Ex VAT: €32.52
Enough's Enough Anti-Bullying Discussion Cards
34 powerful discussion cards to get children and young people to thinking about the effects of bu..
Ex VAT: €32.52
EQ Game
Interactive communication game based on the concept of Emotional Quotient Emotional Intelligence ..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Equipped For Life
This game for helping youth think and act responsibly, includes over 100 situation cards for each..
Ex VAT: €65.85
Escape from Anger Island
It is difficult to teach children anger management skills, but it can be done with patience and p..
Ex VAT: €60.98
Everyday Safety
Explore and discuss everyday situations to help spot and avoid various domestic dangers.  ..
Ex VAT: €60.98
Exploring Bullying with Adults with Autism and Asperger's Syndrome
Bullying is a serious and pervasive issue for people with autism and Asperger Syndrome. Whether y..
Ex VAT: €42.00
A Game for learning to identify facial expressions from icons and associating them with photos of..
Ex VAT: €24.39
Faces & Feelings Listening Lotto
A unique approach to teaching feelings, this audio lotto game explores the look and tone of emoti..
Ex VAT: €20.33
Facial Expressions Learning Cards
Learning cards are a wonderful way to reinforce basic principles, lessons, and skills. The Facial..
Ex VAT: €16.26
Feeling Up or Down? - Primary
Fun and lively game to introduce the key skills and attitudes of emotional literacy. This col..
Ex VAT: €48.78
Feelings Detective Game
Feelings Detective™ helps all children understand their own feelings as well as the feelings of o..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Feelings Fair
Feelings Fair® is a new board game specifically designed to give students important skills for (a..
Ex VAT: €60.98
Feelings Game
Develop awareness and understanding of your own and other people’s feelings and emotions. Be..
Ex VAT: €24.39
Feelings Resilience Cards
Useful resource  for helping children and young people to develop emotional awareness. ..
Ex VAT: €34.15
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