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Dominoes - Conflict Cruncher
    Kids love to play dominoes, and Play-2-Learn Dominoes..
Ex VAT: €30.08
Dominoes - Empathy Counts
Play-2-Learn Dominoes™: Empathy Counts is an educational game developed to teach young people to ..
Ex VAT: €30.08
Dominoes - Feelings Fun
In this new game, players have fun playing dominoes while learning how to express positive and ne..
Ex VAT: €30.08
Dominoes - Friendship
In this new game, players have fun playing dominoes while learning how to make new friends, be a ..
Ex VAT: €30.08
Don't Understand/Give Help and Ask for Help
Social stories have a track record of success. This book is perfect for children who: · ..
Ex VAT: €9.50
Early Start - Promoting Social Competence
Being able to form satisfying relationships is an essential life skill, but it is a skill that mu..
Ex VAT: €30.00
Echo Magic Microphone
Just speak or sing into the Magic Mic, and the sound of your voice is magnified!  Voice ..
Ex VAT: €2.44
Emotion Cubes
Help children learn to recognise and discuss different emotions with these 4cm cubes featuring re..
Ex VAT: €11.38
Emotion In Motion
This resource combines music, movement, drama and art to explore a range of emotions. Includes mu..
€340.00 €255.00
Ex VAT: €207.32
Emotion Puppets
Set of 6 hand puppets with expressions showing Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Surprise or No Emotion...
Ex VAT: €26.02
Emotion Stones
Recognising facial expressions and understanding emotions helps children communicate their own fe..
Ex VAT: €29.27
Emotional Bingo
Everybody knows how to play Bingo—but this version requires players to identify feelings rather t..
Ex VAT: €48.78
Emotional Bingo for Teens
Everybody knows how to play Bingo--but this version requires players to identify feelings rather ..
Ex VAT: €48.78
Emotional Faces Inflatable Balls  - Set of 6
Set of 6 inflatable balls, each with a face showing a different emotion. These balls are funn..
Ex VAT: €20.35
Emotions Double Sided Puppets plus CD
Set of 6 glove puppets (four of which are reversible with two different faces) plus an MP3 CD con..
Ex VAT: €48.78
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