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A Special Kind of Grief
The Complete Guide for Supporting Bereavement and Loss in Special Schools (and Other SEND Set..
Ex VAT: €22.00
A Wibble called Bipley
A Wibble Called Bipley is a story for children who have hardened their hearts or become bullies. ..
Ex VAT: €14.00
ADHD Self Control Problem Solving Cards
ADHD Self Control Problem Solving Cards deal with ways to develop impulse control. &nbs..
Ex VAT: €26.83
All About Anxiety Discussion Cards
These cards give the users an opportunity to consider what they believe to be some of the causes ..
Ex VAT: €32.52
Beating Anxiety
With beautiful illustrations, this practical guide clearly explains why young people on the spect..
Ex VAT: €17.00
Bingo: The Sounds Of Emotions (CD)
A game of association for learning how to differentiate the basic emotions. The game uses the tra..
Ex VAT: €34.96
Box Full of Feelings
A Box Full of Feelings is designed to support the social-emotional development of children aged t..
Ex VAT: €134.15
Colorcards - Emotions
48 cards which identify emotions. Beautifully photographed flashcards designed to promote awa..
Ex VAT: €34.96
Colorcards - Feelings
This creative set of photographic cards illustrates a huge range of feelings in children and adul..
Ex VAT: €55.29
ColorCards: Teen Issues - Lifestyles/Life Skills
Teenage life often requires decisions to be made in a variety of areas – these cards provide a ve..
Ex VAT: €47.15
Dominoes - Feelings Fun
In this new game, players have fun playing dominoes while learning how to express positive and ne..
Ex VAT: €30.08
Emotion Cubes
Help children learn to recognise and discuss different emotions with these 4cm cubes featuring re..
Ex VAT: €11.38
Emotion In Motion
This resource combines music, movement, drama and art to explore a range of emotions. Includes mu..
€340.00 €255.00
Ex VAT: €207.32
Emotion Puppets
Set of 6 hand puppets with expressions showing Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Surprise or No Emotion...
Ex VAT: €26.02
Emotion Stones
Recognising facial expressions and understanding emotions helps children communicate their own fe..
Ex VAT: €29.27
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