Individual Play Pieces

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Encourage the most reluctant child to play with this bight engaging barrel. Great fun to craw..
Ex VAT: €97.56
Barrel - Blue Stripe
Get ready for a barrel of fun! Foam Packed walls provide a soft cushion as kids move in..
Ex VAT: €276.42
Beam - 120cm
Use this colourful beam to encourage movement and balance. A great addition to any obstacle c..
Ex VAT: €85.37
Bolster - Giraffe
Animal shaped bolster for sitting and playing. The Giraffe has paws and ears  plus an an..
Ex VAT: €73.17
Canoe is the perfect squeeze for kids who crave calming pressure around their bodi..
Ex VAT: €333.33
Cap & Stem Soft Play Spinner
This soft spinner comes in two sections, a soft foam stem of 120 cm long and a soft spinner cap o..
Ex VAT: €365.85
Cube - Soft Play
Use on its own or with other soft shapes to develop building and cooperative play skills. Dim..
Ex VAT: €38.21
Cylinder - Soft Play
Crawl over or roll on it, either way a great addition to any obstacle course. Use with 2 x Sl..
Ex VAT: €85.37
Floor Mat - Flower with Mirror
A soft two-piece mat:  5 petal shaped removable cushions on top of a round foam filled mat.&..
Ex VAT: €203.25
Four Steps
Soft steps to encourage climbing skills. Can be used to access a ball pool of a similar heigh..
Ex VAT: €154.47
Frog - Soft Play Animal Path
This product allows children to climb and crawl over a variety of heights.   All p..
Ex VAT: €203.25
Giant Circle
Fun to roll and climb through. Encourage small group social play by placing toys in the middl..
Ex VAT: €227.64
Maxi Cylinder
Great for rolling or climbing on. Use with other soft play shapes to make an obstacle course ..
Ex VAT: €113.82
Slope - Mega
Slides are great fun but can be intimidating for children that have sensory processing disorder o..
Ex VAT: €146.34
Slot in H-Shape Block
Use two of these H-Shaped Blocks in conjunction with our Beam - 120 or Cylinder to make a fun bri..
Ex VAT: €85.37
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