Mirror - 9 Silver Bubbles - Unframed

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Product Code: BUB022
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Mirrors can be used to promote self awareness and self image. They can be used to explore expressions and gestures. 

Non acrylic - extra safe! Made from a specially selected hammer tough flexible, impact absorbing safety plastic, this mirror will not break into sharp pieces like acrylic.

800mm square... this is the original iconic moulded "bubbles" mirror for the school environment. 9 fascinating convex bubbles scatter light and reflections.

Mount in ones or twos... or more, excellent as a pair in the corner of the room.

Can be used outdoors if safely wall mounted in sheltered area.

Strong moulded safety mirror, with excellent optical quality. Self adhesive mounting pads included. Alternatively glue (e.g "No More Nails") or drill and screw to mount. Screws and glue not supplied.

(Clean only with household furniture polish or damp/dry cloth. Never use abrasive or ammonia based window cleaners which will seriously damage the mirror).





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