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Caterpillar Gear Toy
Get little hands twisting with this gear toy. Suitable for 18+ months. ..
Ex VAT: €10.98
Chatback Dog
This adorable plush Chatback dog will repeat everything you say to him in a high-pitched chipmunk..
Ex VAT: €20.33
Construction Game - Vehicle
45 High quality magnetic  wooden blocks can be combined to form a variety of cars, trucks an..
Ex VAT: €77.24
Groan Tube
Plastic tube that makes a groaning sound when inverted.  Listen as the plug slides inside th..
Ex VAT: €1.87
Groan Tube - Animal
Plastic tube that makes a groaning sound when inverted.  Listen as the plug slides inside th..
Ex VAT: €2.44
Mat-a-matics has tons of fun features to keep children fit and active whilst having fun. Wat..
Ex VAT: €46.34
Multi Play Box - Set of 5
This Activity Stacker is a multi-learning toy that features five sequential stacking boxes. E..
Ex VAT: €47.97
Parum Pum Pum
B Parum Pum Pum is a fantastic drum with handle that allows you to play your own rhythm and m..
Ex VAT: €39.84
Pound & Roll
Pound the different coloured balls through their matching coloured holes and watch them spin and ..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Pound & Roll Tower
Knock the four brightly coloured balls through the holes, then watch and listen as they roll down..
Ex VAT: €17.07
Pound a Peg
Pound the eight colourful wooden pegs into the wooden frame, and then flip it over to repeat the ..
Ex VAT: €9.76
Rain Rush
Rain Rush’s smooth wooden craftsmanship loves little hands.   Roll it down the hall and ..
Ex VAT: €21.14
Rainbow Maker
Sensory toy full of sounds and visual effects. A real musical instrument measuring 40cm i..
Ex VAT: €21.14
Rollipop Advanced
A fabulous tracking toy for use by infants and toddlers. Great for developing visual memory ..
Ex VAT: €60.16
Smiler Giggle Stick
Shaking this smiling character back and forth creates an infectious, giggling sound from bellows ..
Ex VAT: €2.44
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