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Talk Tools - Jaw Assessment & Treatment Protocol form
A comprehensive tool which allows you to clearly chart your client's needs at the outset of thera..
€4.00 €2.00
Ex VAT: €1.63
Talk Tools - Jaw Grading Bite Block Assessment & Treatment F
Perfect for sending weekly exercises home with your client so therapy can continue between sessio..
€4.00 €2.00
Ex VAT: €1.63
Talk Tools - Jaw Skill Progress Chart
An efficient means of charting quantitative progress in a format that can be easily understood by..
€3.75 €1.88
Ex VAT: €1.53
Talk Tools - Oral Placement Therapy for S & Z (Manual and DVD)
Designed to teach standard speech sound production using a combination of traditional articulatio..
€45.00 €22.50
Ex VAT: €22.50
Talk Tools - Progressive Jaw Closure Tubes Kit
Contains six firm, reusable bite tubes. When used in a graduated program the tubes each teach vol..
€28.00 €14.00
Ex VAT: €11.38
Talk Tools - Sensory Stix Program Manual
Sensory Stix Program Manual is designed to transition your client from non-speech exercise to spe..
€20.00 €10.00
Ex VAT: €10.00
Talk Tools - Smile Program Manual
For those that already have the necessary tools, the SMILE Manual is available by itself. ..
€42.00 €21.00
Ex VAT: €21.00
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