10 To the Top Addition Game

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Make ten with this fast-paced maths game
  • Players race to make ten by stacking the colourful number cubes
  • Game play develops addition skills as children make number bonds to ten on each side of the tower
  • Stacking the cubes develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Ideal for solo or small group activity
  • Includes:
  • Cubes feature numbers 1-9
  • Cubes also feature stars to use as wild cards
  • Made of soft foam for quieter game play
  • Cubes measure 2.5cm
  • Features multilingual packaging

How to play

  • Each player takes five number cubes
  • Place one of the extra cubes in the centre of the game play area making sure that the two blank sides are on the top and bottom
  • Each players sits at a different side to this cube and makes ten with the number facing them throughout the game
  • Players call out “ten” after making ten
  • If no player can make ten at any point of the game then a new cube is taken from the spare pile and added to the tower for play to continue
  • The first player to be able to use all of their cubes is the winner!


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