ARK's Butter Grip Combo ( 1 Grape and 1 Sailor)

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The Butter Grip is specially designed to promote proper finger positioning during writing tasks.  A proper grip not only encourages fine motor development, but it also improves handwriting legibility.  The round shape of the Butter Grip serves as a tactile cue for the fingers to grasp around.  The fingers "hug" the grip and the fingertips rest just below the grip on the pencil.  In this position, the Butter Grip opens up the web space and provides support to the finger muscles during writing and colouring activities.  Perfect for both left and right-handed individuals, the Butter Grip can be used with standard pencils and most pens.  This product is suitable for children and young adults.  This product is sold in a combo pack of 1 purple and 1 blue grip.  When starting to use this grip it is a good idea to mark the pencil below the grip where the finger tips should rest.  As the pencil grip is uniform all around there will be no rolling off position with this pencil grip once the child maintains a tripod grip.

Additional Information

1.     There is more to correcting a pencil grasp then just putting a pencil grip on a pencil. The child also needs to develop strength in all the right places.  This means building a stable support by working on core strength, shoulder, elbow, and wrist stability.

2.     The child needs to assume a proper seating position; this means no dangling feet from kitchen chairs.  If the feet are not flat on the floor then the child is not stable and balanced, this will have a negative effect on hand writing that no pencil grip will fix.

3.     Remember that the pencil grip isn’t glued to the child’s fingers in the correct position.  So it needs to be monitored or the child can start compensating around the pencil grip as well.

4.     If the child is struggling to isolate their little finger and ring finger, give them something small to hold in these fingers.  This will keep the little finger and ring finger tucked out of the way.


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