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ARK's Butter Grip Combo ( 1 Grape and 1 Sailor)
The Butter Grip is specially designed to promote proper finger positioning during writing tasks. ..
Ex VAT: €8.54
Egg Pencil Grip - Set of 3
These adorable egg-shaped rubber grips develop the small muscles of the hand needed to write with..
Ex VAT: €4.47
Pencil Grip
The Pencil Grip is the original ergonomic writing aid developed by educational therapist Dr. Lois..
Ex VAT: €1.54
Pencil Grip - Air Grip - Colour Blue only
    The Air Grip pencil grips are similar in size, shape, and function to the t..
Ex VAT: €0.98
Pencil Grip - Bumpy Neon
The Bumpy Grip - Tactile and Fun! The Bumpy Grip is lightweight and slim for easier writing. ..
Ex VAT: €1.63
Pencil Grip - Comfy
A triangular pencil grip in a variety of bright colours. The 3 sided design is to provide a physi..
Ex VAT: €0.24
Pencil Grip - Cross Guard
The Crossover Grip is very similar to the Grotto grip as it has guards that go over the thumb and..
Ex VAT: €1.63
Pencil Grip - Cross Guard -  PINK
This is our Cross Guard Pencil Grip in Colour Pink. The Crossover Grip is very similar to the..
Ex VAT: €1.63
Pencil Grip - Grippy
This pencil grip is small, so it works well for smaller hands. The indents provide cues for finge..
Ex VAT: €0.33
Pencil Grip - Grotto Grip
This ergonomic pencil grip was designed and tested by Paediatric  occupational therapists sp..
Ex VAT: €3.17
Pencil Grip - Kush-n-Flex
These flexing grips stimulate tactile awareness and improve touch discrimination. Particular..
Ex VAT: €0.93
Pencil Grip - Sample Set
12 of  our pencil grips  ( one of each  Grippy, Grotto, Kush N Flex , Ti Go, Solo,..
Ex VAT: €13.82
Pencil Grip - Solo
This pencil grip is similar in ways to the Grippy but is larger. It has matching indentations for..
Ex VAT: €0.57
Pencil Grip - Tri Go
This pencil grip design enables the fingers to touch the pencil so that no extra thickness is bei..
Ex VAT: €0.65
Pencil Grip - Writing Claw (Large)
The CLAW is a fun and effective way to teach young children how to hold their pencil correctly. T..
Ex VAT: €1.79
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