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Squeezy penguin
Squishy penguin toy made from soft and stretchy plastic.   It's filled with very fin..
Ex VAT: €4.47
Squeezy Water Tube
Difficult to catch or hold and springs unexpectedly out of your grasp. Colours and length var..
Ex VAT: €2.44
Squeezy Wiggly Dinosaur Water Tube
Jumbo sized 13cm green dinosaur water filled tube  Fabulous to feel flowing between..
Ex VAT: €3.25
Squishy dinosaur figure made from soft plastic. This air-filled toy can be squished and squa..
Ex VAT: €3.66
Squidgy Bear
Brightly coloured air-filled bear toy that puffs up when squeezed. The surface is largely covered..
Ex VAT: €1.95
Squidgy Octopus
A tactile gel-filled octopus.  The octopus can be squished and stretched in your hands. ..
Ex VAT: €4.07
Squirter Dinos
Soft, chubby, colourful bathtub squirters are the perfect size for little bathers to hold and squ..
Ex VAT: €6.50
Stress Ball  (Set of 3)
Fun as stress balls, for kids’ games, for therapy, or just to play catch – these balls are soft t..
Ex VAT: €10.16
Amazingly stretchy and pliable creatures in bright colours with a metallic sheen. Stretch them, f..
Ex VAT: €2.44
Stretchosaurs - Pack of 4
Selection of extremely stretchy dinosaurs. Pack contains four different dinosaurs in four differe..
Ex VAT: €2.44
Stretchy Apple & Worms
Stretchy apple toy with a pair of stretchy green worms inside it.   The apple appea..
Ex VAT: €4.07
Stretchy Ball (one only)
You'll love these balls' amazing touch thanks to their funny tentacles! The stretchy balls ar..
Ex VAT: €5.28
Stretchy Bangles - Set of 4
Stretch pull and twist these sensory bangles. Please note that these bangles are NOT for chew..
Ex VAT: €14.63
Stretchy Dinosaur - one only
Dinosaur size approx. 6cm Age 3+ Choose from a selection of 8 different fun colou..
Ex VAT: €0.57
Stretchy Dolphin
A fun stretchy dolphin, great for pulling and tugging. Suitable for 3+. ..
Ex VAT: €3.25
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