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Eraser Sheep (one only)
Fun Fidget Toy and durable pencil eraser at the same time. Size 4 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm Image sh..
Ex VAT: €1.22
Fiddle Fingers
Six different functions soothe away stresses and strains & keep fingers occupied. Glide, ..
Ex VAT: €6.10
Fidget Beads
Wooden beads on leather string with animal top. Also suitable as a book mark. 30 cm long ..
Ex VAT: €2.85
Fidget Cubes & Balls - Set of 6
Set of 6 Stress Relieving Fidget Toys. Also suitable for Hand Exercises. Recommended  fo..
Ex VAT: €17.89
Fidget Mat
Whether your kids like the soft furry face, smooth eyes, tactile tentacles, springy hair or just ..
Ex VAT: €31.71
Fidget Pencils (Set of 4)
This set of 4 pencils with built-in fidgets offer a variety of fine motor control functions and h..
Ex VAT: €11.38
The Fidgipod is appropriate for all ages of men, women and children who seek sensory input f..
Ex VAT: €10.57
Flashing Spiky Bobble Ball
Multi-coloured plastic ball covered in spiky bobbles.   Drop or catch it to trigger ..
Ex VAT: €3.09
Flexible Animals
A simple but effective fiddle toy. Colours and styles may vary. Suitable for 3+. ..
Ex VAT: €2.44
Foam Earth Ball - Anti Stress Ball
The whole world in your hand! This palm-sized globe is made of bouncy, squeezable foam. ..
Ex VAT: €1.87
Foam Soft Ball
Small soft foam ball with a firm resistance. Colours may vary. Suitable for 3+. Sold ..
Ex VAT: €0.65
Foam Soft Ball Set of 3
Small soft foam ball with a firm resistance. Colours may vary. Suitable for 3+ Set ..
Ex VAT: €1.79
Folding Game - Wooden Ladder
Colorful wooden folding ladder s that extend to 30 cm when unfolded Suitable from age 2+ ..
Ex VAT: €3.25
Freeballs Hand Set (Pack of 2)
Small balls which, thanks to their resiliency, allow to perform specific exercises for hand rehab..
Ex VAT: €6.10
Full Moon Sparkly Lycra 9 cm
These balls stimulate senses as much as fine motor. Made from sparkly Lycra® for added visua..
Ex VAT: €8.94
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