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Floor Mat - Earth
A attractive, colourful, circular mat with environmental motifs.  Removable velour foam ..
Ex VAT: €126.02
Floor Surfer - Scooter Board
The Floor Surfer has been developed in partnership with children’s physiotherapists to ensur..
Ex VAT: €81.30
Flow - Child Small
Used for large motor exercise. Fill with water and add some food colouring and glitter for visual..
€90.00 €67.50
Ex VAT: €54.88
Fluffballs - Set of 12
Fluffballs are light and very easy to throw, to catch or to handle. Thanks to their soft flu..
Ex VAT: €5.69
Get children crossing the midline and using both hands. Hold with one hand as the other twirls th..
€25.00 €18.76
Ex VAT: €15.25
Foam Earth Ball - Anti Stress Ball
The whole world in your hand! This palm-sized globe is made of bouncy, squeezable foam. ..
Ex VAT: €1.87
Foam Pressure Roller
This foam roller provides deep pressure massage therapy and is the ideal tool for sensory seekers..
Ex VAT: €19.51
Foam Throw & Catch
Catch the ball in the loop on the end of the pole. Task can be made easier or harder by adjusting..
Ex VAT: €4.88
Fold Up Tunnel  180 cm
Fold up tunnel, dimensions 60cm wide x 180 cm long. With 25 cm wide transparent PVC strip ..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Folding Activity Mat - 3 Sections
Three section Folding Activity Mat, length 180 x 60 x 5cm when unfolded. Durable, easy to cle..
Ex VAT: €105.69
Foot Prints
These fun footprints can be used in many ways. They can laid out in a path to take children from ..
Ex VAT: €14.63
Free Hand Desk Clamp
Developed by Bath Institute of Medical Engineering (BIME) this clever Free Hand Desk Clamp has be..
Ex VAT: €8.13
Free Hand Paper Holder
The Free Hand Paper Holder provides the ideal solution to the problem of scissor activities requi..
Ex VAT: €6.50
French Skipping Elastic
Brightly-coloured elastic rope for French Skipping: the elastic is stretched between the legs of ..
Ex VAT: €2.85
Frog - Soft Play Animal Path
This product allows children to climb and crawl over a variety of heights.   All p..
Ex VAT: €203.25
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