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Soft disks which can be used to create new games. Disc’o’Bocce is a multi-functional toy whi..
Ex VAT: €13.98
Disco Sport
The Disco Sport is the largest version of the Disc’o’Sit. One side is covered by small bumps whic..
Ex VAT: €41.14
Easy Grip Sensory Ball - Set of 6
This 12cm ball has a bumpy surface for increased tactile awareness. The set is made up of 6 u..
Ex VAT: €16.26
Easy Rider
It's red and it's very cool. It has a low seat and a Harley-type handlebar. The large f..
Ex VAT: €252.03
Elastablast - Large
Flexible medical latex tube encased within a soft fabric cover. The large stretchable band is..
Ex VAT: €134.15
Elastablast - Medium
Flexible medical latex tube encased within a soft fabric cover. The medium size is 12ft in circum..
Ex VAT: €100.81
Elastablast - Small
Flexible medical latex tube encased within a soft fabric cover. The small size is 8ft in circ..
Ex VAT: €79.68
Emotional Faces Inflatable Balls  - Set of 6
Set of 6 inflatable balls, each with a face showing a different emotion. These balls are funn..
Ex VAT: €20.35
Faster Blaster Pump
A double action pump for easy inflation of air filled products at home. ..
Ex VAT: €5.37
Figure 8
This figure 8 maze is the perfect tabletop activity for working on crossing midline, encouraging ..
Ex VAT: €19.51
Finger Light Balls - 25cm
Regardless of their physical abilities, Finger Light Balls make everyone in the room a participan..
Ex VAT: €13.82
Fish Tunnel
This is the perfect tool for transitions, crawling activities, heavy work and calming and will br..
Ex VAT: €89.43
Fitball Roller
The Fitball roller is a top quality burst resistant inflatable cylinder. It provides the basis fo..
Ex VAT: €21.63
Flashing Spiky Bobble Ball
Multi-coloured plastic ball covered in spiky bobbles.   Drop or catch it to trigger ..
Ex VAT: €3.09
Fleece Balls - Set of 6
Set of 6 small lightweight, colourful and fluffy cotton balls.   They are ideal for lear..
Ex VAT: €5.04
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