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3 Giant Bubbles Mirror
Mirrors can be used to promote self awareness and self image. They can be used to explore express..
Ex VAT: €44.72
The Acti-Tunnel is inviting to individuals of all abilities. The tunnel consists of half mesh and..
Ex VAT: €52.85
Active World Tray Adjustable Stand
Designed to securely hold our Active World Trays, this stand has the advantage of being adjustabl..
Ex VAT: €109.76
Activity Centre - Large
A double sided free standing activity board with ten different items which can be used on a floor..
Ex VAT: €508.13
Activity Rings
Set of 6 brightly coloured Activity Rings that appeal to children of all ages - and to adults. ..
Ex VAT: €10.57
Aerobie Squidgie Ball
Squeeze It - Throw It - Catch it - Bat It - Feel it Made of soft molded rubber fins, the Squi..
Ex VAT: €12.20
Agility Ladder
The ladder is 4m long and 43cm wide with 10 joists. Slat distance can be easily adjusted. Comes c..
Ex VAT: €21.14
Alphabet Fishing
Magnetic alphabet fishing game which can be used in a water tray or on a table.   • ..
Ex VAT: €35.77
Ankle Hoops
An ideal game for developing jumping skills and co-ordination.  Colours may vary. On..
Ex VAT: €3.25
Audible Ball - Basket Ball size 5
Basketball with bells, junior, size 5 Sound balls, also called bell balls or audible balls, a..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Audible Ball - Jumbo Ball - 29 cm
Multi Purpose, Light-weight sound ball with good rattling sound for gymnastics and play.  ..
Ex VAT: €56.91
Audible Ball - Soccer  Ball Size 5
Size 5 Soccer Ball With 4 sound devices, size 5, white with red/blue print, distinct rattling sou..
Ex VAT: €51.22
Backrest Only - For Southpaw Scooter Boards (1952)
Therapists asked for a positioning device to aid gravitationally insecure & lower functioning..
Ex VAT: €276.42
Badminton - Mega
Set of two lightweight badminton rackets with soft foam handles and extra large racket face, one ..
Ex VAT: €14.63
Balance Board - Maze
The maze in this balance board distracts from the balancing exercise thus making the challenge ha..
Ex VAT: €36.59
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