Fine Motor Skills

Skills that require coordination of the small muscles in the fingers, toes, eyes and hands. Usually used to describe the ability to move the hands and fingers in a smooth, precise and controlled manner.

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Alphabet Colouring Sheets Raised Line
A great product for teaching children fine motor skills while they also learn letter identificati..
Ex VAT: €9.76
Alphabet Colouring Sheets Raised Line - Four Sets
A great product to help teach children fine motor skills while they also learn letter identificat..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Alphabet Fishing
Magnetic alphabet fishing game which can be used in a water tray or on a table.   • ..
Ex VAT: €35.77
AnaMalz™ Brontosaurus
Brontosaurus sports a long neck and tail. Both are covered in a soft fabric that is bendable..
Ex VAT: €8.13
AnaMalz™ Penguin
 Out of the way! Here she comes sliding down the snowy slopes: 9.5cm tall and 3.5cm lon..
Ex VAT: €7.32
AnaMalz™ Seal
 We hope Seal one day will feel at home enough to surprise you with her opera voice. Un..
Ex VAT: €7.32
AnaMalz™ T-Rex
The friendliest of dinosaurs is the T-Rex. Standing 16cm tall and 20cm in length, he is read..
Ex VAT: €8.13
Animal Bubble Gun
With this funny Pustefix Bubble Gun you don't have to blow. Just push the button and you get..
Ex VAT: €4.88
Animal Chopsticks
These colourful animal chopsticks develop strength and dexterity in the fingers and can also aid ..
Ex VAT: €4.07
The Tomy Aquadoodle Super Colour Deluxe Mat mat provide mess-free, colourful and creative fun..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Art Easel & Chalkboard
This easel can make any room into an art studio.   A double-sided, adjustable-height, ch..
Ex VAT: €80.49
Avalanche Fruit Stand
Are you steady enough to work at this fun fruit stand? Spin the wheel, then use the jumbo twe..
Ex VAT: €16.26
Balance Beans Thinkfun
Balance Beans is a logic game and math game all in one. Set up the Red Beans according to th..
Ex VAT: €20.33
Balance Stacking Game
This is a colour sorting challenge.   Try it first on a flat base then put the..
Ex VAT: €18.70
Beads Sequence
72 hardwood beads in 5 colours and 5 shapes to provide ample options to make sequences and patter..
Ex VAT: €38.21
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