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10 To the Top Addition Game
Make ten with this fast-paced maths game Players race to make ten by stacking ..
Ex VAT: €16.26
Alphabet Fishing
Magnetic alphabet fishing game which can be used in a water tray or on a table.   • ..
Ex VAT: €35.77
Balance Beans Thinkfun
Balance Beans is a logic game and math game all in one. Set up the Red Beans according to th..
Ex VAT: €20.33
Bananagrams® WildTiles
Go WILD with tiles! The addictive word game just got WILDER! Introducing BANANAGRAMS WildTile..
Ex VAT: €18.70
BEE-Bot 3 D Shapes Mat
An exciting resource for use with Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot to help children familiarise themselves wi..
Ex VAT: €27.64
Bee-Bot Farmyard Mat
Program Bee-Bot and Blue-Bot on a farmyard adventure with this colourful floor mat. Introduce..
Ex VAT: €23.98
Bee-Bot Rechargeable Docking Station
A mains rechargeable docking station for up to six rechargeable Bee-Bots or Blue-Bots. The do..
Ex VAT: €36.59
Bee-Bot Seaside Mat
Navigate Bee-Bot around the busy seaside town. Visit the life boat station and the pier or bu..
Ex VAT: €35.77
Bee-Bot Set of 6 with Docking Station
Class Room Bundle of 6 Rechargeable Bee Bots with Docking Station.   Bee-Bot’s simpl..
Ex VAT: €332.52
Bee-Bot Treasure Island Mat
Explore the island and hunt for treasure. Ahoy there! This mat is sure to inspire children's ..
Ex VAT: €23.98
Block by Block ® Thinkfun
Block by Block is a seven piece puzzle game that teaches Spatial Reasoning skills. Block by ..
Ex VAT: €11.38
BrainBox - Animals
  The Aim of the Game: Be the player with the most cards after ten minutes.  ..
Ex VAT: €11.38
Brainbox - Inventions
  The Aim of the Game: Be the player with the most cards after ten minutes.  ..
Ex VAT: €11.38
Brainbox - Ireland
Can you name all of Ireland's counties? BrainBox Ireland is a boxed up tour of one of Europes mos..
Ex VAT: €13.01
Brainbox - Maths Pack Years 5 & 6
Introducing new maths concepts including decimals and percentages, line graphs, square and cube n..
Ex VAT: €38.21
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