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Where Is It?
PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVE - Learning of spatial concepts: above/below (or over/under), in ..
Ex VAT: €40.65
Whisper Phone - Small
The benefits of reading aloud are proven.  However, the noise can be distracting.  The ..
€17.00 €12.76
Ex VAT: €10.37
Who Is It?
 Fun 2 Play Who is it is a classic guess the identity game that's great fun to play.  ..
Ex VAT: €5.69
Who's Speaking, Who's Listening?
Communication at its best and great fun too.  This set uses 6 hollow tubes and telephone han..
Ex VAT: €60.98
Wild Guess
Can your animal fly? Has it four legs? Take turn in asking questions with your opponent as yo..
Ex VAT: €19.51
Woodland Party
A colourful 70-piece jigsaw, depicting an enchanted woodland with lots of familiar characters and..
Ex VAT: €9.76
Working Vehicles
PSYCHO-PEDAGOGICAL OBJECTIVES A GAME OF ASSOCIATION that allows children to establish relati..
Ex VAT: €16.26
Working with Pragmatics
Covers the principles and practice of pragmatics and how to plan effective management programmes...
Ex VAT: €42.00
Yes! No! Game
A fast and furious game where answering Yes or No gets you dinged out by the bell.    ..
Ex VAT: €8.13
You and Your Baby: Building Communication
The booklet shows parents how to be more responsive and encourage their baby to become engaged an..
€18.50 €13.88
Ex VAT: €13.88
You Make The Difference - DVD (only)
This DVD helps bring the You Make The Difference Guidebook to life by showing real parents as the..
Ex VAT: €62.60
You Make The Difference - Guidebook (only)
The You Make the Difference guidebook provides you with simple techniques for taking th..
Ex VAT: €28.50
You Make The Difference Poster: Face To Face
This colourful poster presents a variety of ways parents can get face to face with their child du..
Ex VAT: €6.91
You Make The Difference Poster: Help Your Child Learn
his poster provides a colourful reminder of the You Make The Difference® Program's 3A Strategies:..
€8.50 €6.37
Ex VAT: €5.18
Look for the Colours
A simple game for working on attention and visual memory skills. Fosters the learning of colours ..
Ex VAT: €21.14
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