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You Make The Difference - DVD (only)
This DVD helps bring the You Make The Difference Guidebook to life by showing real parents as the..
Ex VAT: €62.60
You Make The Difference - Guidebook (only)
The You Make the Difference guidebook provides you with simple techniques for taking th..
Ex VAT: €28.50
You Make The Difference Poster: Face To Face
This colourful poster presents a variety of ways parents can get face to face with their child du..
Ex VAT: €6.91
You Make The Difference Poster: Help Your Child Learn
his poster provides a colourful reminder of the You Make The Difference® Program's 3A Strategies:..
€8.50 €6.37
Ex VAT: €5.18
Jumbo Bananagrams
If you want to do things on an even bigger scale, why not try out Jumbo BANANAGRAMS®? ..
Ex VAT: €55.28
Look for the Colours
A simple game for working on attention and visual memory skills. Fosters the learning of colours ..
Ex VAT: €21.14
Thinking in Pictures: And Other Reports from My Life with Autism
Temple Grandin was born August 29, 1947 in Boston, Massachusetts. She is a bestselling autho..
Ex VAT: €13.00
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