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ADHD - Living Without Brakes
Describes the spectrum of ADHD, the common difficulties faced by parents, and suggests solutions...
Ex VAT: €17.00
ADHD Homework Challenges Transformed
By adopting these simple strategies into the daily routine of a child with ADHD, parents and teac..
Ex VAT: €14.00
Alert Program - Songs for Self Regulation (CD)
This product includes two CDs.  One of the CDs is an introduction to the program with excerp..
Ex VAT: €20.33
An Exceptional Children's Guide to touch
The rules of physical contact can be tricky to grasp and children with special needs are at a hei..
Ex VAT: €16.00
Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is an effective behavioural treatment programme widely used with..
Ex VAT: €25.00
Asperger Syndrome
The ideal starting point for teachers wishing to learn about Asperger's syndrome and how best to ..
Ex VAT: €16.00
Asperger Syndrome & Anxiety
Research tells us that people with Asperger Syndrome (AS) are more likely to develop co-morbid me..
Ex VAT: €19.00
Auditory And Verbal Sequencing
Attentive listening and remembering are easy when short stories are read about delighful little c..
Ex VAT: €31.00
Auditory Processing In Dinosaur Land
Use the enchanting settings in this book to motivate your students to listen attentively, process..
Ex VAT: €33.00
Auditory Processing Of Early Language Comprehension Skills
These lessons are designed to develop auditory processing comprehension skills in multiple areas...
Ex VAT: €33.00
Auditory Processing Of Higher Level Language Skills
Listening, understanding, remembering, and now, separating information into higher-level language..
Ex VAT: €37.00
Auditory Processing Super Pack
These auditory processing activities are so delightful and unique that even the most distracted l..
Ex VAT: €33.00
Autism & its Medical Management
Bridging the communication gap between medical professionals and parents, this book offers access..
Ex VAT: €21.00
Autism and Solution-focused Practice
This trailblazing book equips practitioners to help clients with autism live well, using adaptabl..
Ex VAT: €14.00
Autism As Context Blindness
Despite years of study and advanced technologies, we still do not fully understand how the “typic..
Ex VAT: €40.00
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