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A Wibble called Bipley
A Wibble Called Bipley is a story for children who have hardened their hearts or become bullies. ..
Ex VAT: €14.00
Addicted: Drinking & Drugs Discussion Cards
Create an awareness of the danger of drug & alcohol abuse, get young people thinking about th..
Ex VAT: €32.52
All About Anger Cards
The All About Anger Discussion Cards present some of the commonly-held beliefs on anger and offer..
Ex VAT: €32.52
All About Anxiety Discussion Cards
These cards give the users an opportunity to consider what they believe to be some of the causes ..
Ex VAT: €32.52
All About Communication - Discussion Cards
Give young people the most important skill they need for adult life, the ability to communicate e..
Ex VAT: €32.52
Behaviour Resilience Cards
The Resilience Cards may be used as teaching aids in class or as discussion starters in  c..
Ex VAT: €40.65
Bingo: Actions and Musical Instuments : 25 Sounds (CD)
A SENSORY game of ASSOCIATION and AUDITORY RECOGNITION with which you can work on numerous fundam..
Ex VAT: €34.96
Bingo: Animals and Nature: 25 Sounds (CD)
A SENSORIAL game of ASSOCIATION and AUDITORY RECOGNITION with which you can work on numerous fund..
Ex VAT: €34.96
Bingo: The Sounds Of Emotions (CD)
A game of association for learning how to differentiate the basic emotions. The game uses the tra..
Ex VAT: €34.96
BrainBox - Teddy Bears
BrainBox Teddy Bears contains 55 beautifully illustrated cards showing different Teddy Bear chara..
Ex VAT: €13.01
ColorCards - Who, What, When, Where, Why
What are interrogative pronouns?  Where can I find a set of cards that will help me understa..
Ex VAT: €51.22
ColorCards: More Basic Verbs
The cards illustrate frequently used verbs in simple settings. Each card can be selected to be us..
Ex VAT: €52.85
ColorCards: More Everyday Objects
The everyday objects featured in this set of cards include not only home based items but those th..
Ex VAT: €52.85
ColorCards: More Story Starters
A new set of Story Starters designed to trigger and encourage creative writing and storytelling i..
Ex VAT: €48.78
ColorCards: More What's Wrong
This set of 36 cards depicting a range of activities and situations incorrect, unusual or unexpec..
Ex VAT: €52.85
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