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 Fascination Spinner
Twist and turn to see  how multicolourd threads change into soap bubble like formations &nbs..
Ex VAT: €2.60
1001 Pediatric Treatment Activities
When working with children for extended periods of time in the same environment, it can be challe..
Ex VAT: €85.00
A Well-being Tool To Enhance Children's Happiness & Parental Attachment. One hundred effe..
Ex VAT: €15.00
A Dragon Comes To Visit
Have you ever wanted to teach your children about inclusion?  This book will do just tha..
Ex VAT: €6.00
A Kit Bag For Promoting Positive Behaviour In The Classroom
Disruptive classroom behaviours can prevent effective teaching and create a negative learning env..
Ex VAT: €22.00
A Wibble called Bipley
A Wibble Called Bipley is a story for children who have hardened their hearts or become bullies. ..
Ex VAT: €14.00
Accessing The Curriculum For PupilsWith Austistic Spectrum Disorders
This book explains ways to open up the curriculum to pupils who have autistic spectrum disorders...
Ex VAT: €37.00
Acrobatic Animal
Wind-up animal toy that walks on its hands, waving its legs in the air as it moves forwards. ..
Ex VAT: €2.76
Acromaths Set 2
This board game encourages children to discover and play with the material while drawing them int..
Ex VAT: €81.30
Active World Tray Adjustable Stand
Designed to securely hold our Active World Trays, this stand has the advantage of being adjustabl..
Ex VAT: €109.76
Activity Board - Wall Mounted
The wall mounted activity board includes visual, tactile and auditory activities. It encoura..
Ex VAT: €674.80
Activity Table Cloth - Thomas & Friends
Young fans of Thomas the Tank Engine will love this fantastic Activity Tablecloth. The huge doubl..
Ex VAT: €13.82
ADD/ADHD Behavior-Change Resource Kit
For teachers, counselors and parents, this comprehensive new resource is filled with up-to-date i..
Ex VAT: €28.00
Addicted: Drinking & Drugs Discussion Cards
Create an awareness of the danger of drug & alcohol abuse, get young people thinking about th..
Ex VAT: €32.52
Air Balancing Board
A unique balancing board for play and rehabilitation. The board consists of a hard plastic su..
Ex VAT: €53.66
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